Andrew James Johnson is a Composer and Pianist from the UK renowned for his melodically inspired and elegantly crafted solo piano works. His music speaks directly to the heart, conveying a range of emotions from the first few bars. As the music flows from his fingertips, Andrew caresses the piano with his yearning phrases alongside a natural virtuosity that takes the listener on a transcendent musical journey.
Coming from a gritty working class background in Birmingham, Andrew had to fight for his musical education from an early age. Despite having no formal training on the piano in his youth, he would spend hours immersed in the piano sonatas of Beethoven alongside the works of Schumann, Mozart and Chopin. With this rare freedom to express himself freely Andrew’s piano technique flourished alongside an innate musical creativity. This is demonstrated in his numerous solo piano compositions which are contemporary in their sound yet classical in their strength of structure and development.
Each time Andrew sits down at the piano music begins to flow effortlessly from his fingers… Beginning with improvisations and exploring keys and pianistic textures, Andrew seeks out a melody to use as the foundation of his creations. His compositional style is pure and boundless in its invention, coupled with a harmonic language that is both daring and intuitive. Most importantly is the emotional message that Andrew wishes to convey. We encourage you to discover the richness and beauty of his music as you explore works that include to date: Moonlight Shadows, Echoes of Love, Out of Solitude, Winters Heart and of course, Elysian Dreams…